RIP Robb

Originally uploaded by Bob’s Photo Humblog.

I got a call from Robb Rierdan’s mom, Nancy, on Tuesday. She had seen the Rural Rock & Roll movie Saturday and was inspired by the film to try to create some sort of musician’s support non-profit organization — in Robb’s memory. For those who haven’t seen the movie and have no idea who Robb might be, he was a musician, leader of a wild noise duo called Candy Muscle (with rotating drummers). He was also a painter. The film shows a house party at Robb’s place in Eureka with Candy Muscle and a couple of other bands.
Anyway, his mom was touched by the fact that the musicians shown seem to be in need of funding for things like tours and recording, so she wants to raise $ for indie rockers through some sort of nonprofit. She asked if I would be willing to serve on the board for such an organization. I said, Yes.
At the beginning of our conversation I told her I had shot some photos of Robb; I dug them out and printed a couple that I sent to his memorial with my friend Jada — she had flown out from the East Coast for the occasion. It turns out the photo shown here is framed on Nancy’s desk, to keep him in her memory. I told her I’d search my files for other pix — the result of that search is a Flickr page linked to the photo here.

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