How much is Fred’s blog worth?

Fred [my only reader] writes:

I added a link to your blog to my mine to help you get some hits. I’m averaging 50 to 60 hits a day as of late.

Bob notes: [wait ’til your picture is in the paper along with your url — see what that does to your count]

Fred: I’ve been wanting to start a special links section just for humboldt related blogs but I’m not sure of how exactly to do it. I’m worred about screwing up my template. I’ll have to see how other people are doing it.

Don’t know if you have a hit counter on your site, as I don’t see one but I know some people have them set to not be seen.
The one I use,
can tell you all kinds of interesting things like what other web sites sent visitors to your blog. It doesn’t tell all of them as most come back as Unknown. I suspect that might be from people using firewalls. But, mine show people coming from other blogs and humguide, etc., among other places.
Neat thing about the sitemeter counters is you don’t have to mess with where to insert the html code for the counter. I’m not real hip to html. All you do is insert the url of your blog and sitemeter inserts the counter for you.

Bob concludes: I am totally in the dark as far as code goes. My friend Carroll says it’s easy — you just view some page you like in source mode and see what’s what. I’ve tried but it’s all gibberish to me. I should try to find some dummy’s guide on the Web — I’m sure it’s there.


  1. Hi Bob,

    Good to see you posting. Sorry I never got back to you with the link to my (rarely updated) Humboldt journal (it’s the webpage linked to my name in this post.) And *I* linked to your blog as soon as I noticed it, but since no one reads mine either, I guess that link didn’t add any value to yours /grin/. I have a number of Humboldt-related links in the sidebar, though very few have anything to do with blogs.

    Anyway, if you need any help with html, I’ll be glad to give it. (Provided I don’t find myself working full time again and thus having no spare time.) I’m quite comfortable with HTML (and PHP and CSS to a lesser extent) and my professional background is in teaching other people how to use computers and the Web.

    I had wanted to mention that The Placebo‘s new website is based on the free, open-source, very customizable WordPress blogging software. So is it a blog? Depends on your definition. There’s hardly any posts there now, but anyone on the Placebo Board will be able to post and it’s a place for opinions as well as news items.

  2. See, there are more than one of us reading tour blog. And it would be great if someone could get a list going of local Humboldt blogs.

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