Thoughts on Humboldt Blogs (and the blogging blo…

Thoughts on Humboldt Blogs
(and the blogging bloggers who blog them)

Got an e-mail yesterday morning from Bob Morse, of Morse Media, who among other things, runs Humguide and provides hosting services for the Journal. He had read the Humboldt Blogs piece and wrote to say, “Dang!” – because he didn’t know about it beforehand – and he has a tech-oriented blog we could and perhaps should have mentioned — had we known about it. We (I) didn’t.

Earlier this week I heard from Steven Vander Meer, the rubber stamp guy, again it was, hey, I have a blog too. In that case I actually knew about (and had forgotten) his blog: He even once blogged a photo of me in his stamp factory after I interviewed him a piece last year on StewArt Studios, home of his business and work spaces for several other artists.

Meanwhile the local blogosphere went into conniption fits over Hank’s “Humboldt Politiblogs” portion of the Humboldt Blogs piece. Cap’n Buhne responded in satirical rhyme to the fact that Hank deemed Fred the Libertarian King of local bloggers. Spirited debate on the merits of the story took place in the comments sections of various blogs, mostly with comments blogger to blogger, complaining about the lack of due respect for their blog, others stung by Hank’s snide barbs.
Snollygoster, of the Half Sheet (what’s wrong with local print publications) blog took serious offense, first threatening to leave the blogosphere forever, then lashing back with an involved post that included a PhotoShop illustration showing Hank in superhero costume pissing off a mountain onto a “Urinal” logo, a none-too-clever epithet borrowed from another local blogger, The Plazoid. Hank responded in the comments section with the fearsome wrath of a maligned superhero.

Incidentally The Plazoid was another who complained, but he (or she) at least had the common sense to realize that merely being mentioned in print would help pull in readership for the Plazoid blog.

p.s. Sorry, I have yet to learn the html code required to linkify my posts, but I will eventually.


  1. You did get my email re. html etc. instruction, yes? If you sent a reply, it didn’t get here. Though I see in your next post you have a link, so maybe you’re getting what you need from another source? (which would be fine 🙂 )

    Also, I’d like it if the Journal could mention that The Placebo website doesn’t need a wordpress account – or any prerequisites – to post; anymore, that is. Should I send an email via the North Coast Journal mailbox? Or send a letter-for-publication to your addy?

  2. Hey Bob,

    Thanks for mentioning my blog. I didn’t actually send you any email. I just blogged about your article and somehow the blogospher through pingification notified you of it. I wouldn’t be so gauché as to write to you and complain that I wasn’t included. I just assumed you weren’t aware.

  3. reaction seems to be “Why did you gore my ox?” Why don’t you all look for what you have in common and how to advanc e the wonderful oppurtinity to share ideas?

  4. Bob, I don’t know how to add links to your posts if you’re uploading them via e-mail, especially since that method doesn’t work for me. If you write your posts up using the Create Posts link, or whatever it’s called, the window that you compose in has a link button at the top of it. You just click on that, another small window opens, you insert the link and press Enter (or whatever the button says) and presto, link is inserted.

    Oh, you need to select what word(s) you want the link in by clicking and dragging the mouse over them.

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