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On Jan 30, 2006, at 11:25 AM, gretchen wrote:

> Hello-
> Was interested to read the Blogging edition of NCJ. I’m a
> Humboldter who’s part of the raging next wave: Vlogging. video
> blogging took off last year. With iPods now carrying video
> capacity as well as cell phones, we will be seeing the expansion
> continue. I heard that a film created by cell phone just won a
> Sundance award! This isn’t a letter to be published, it’s just a
> letter to you in case you ever do an issue of the NCJ on vlogging
> — get in touch with me then.
> If you’d care to check out my site, there’s very good footage of
> the Eureka waterfront during the new year’s storm. I gave copies
> to channel three but they never aired it.
> I’m at

> There’s a world map of the vloggosphere at


Good to hear from you. I knew a little bit about vlogging, but was
not aware there were any vloggers locally. The subject actually came
up when I attended a benefit for the Humboldt International Film
Festival Saturday night. I was talking with Donald Forrest, a
longtime Dell’Arte actor who is now studying filmmaking at HSU. He
told me he had brought up vlogs with Sid, the editor of the EcoNews.
Sid told him, “There’s no such word.” But Sid’s old school, still
uses a pencil.
You say this is not a letter for publication; is it okay if I blog
it? I want to keep the local discussion about the many uses of blogs
rolling. If you would rather this not be that public let me know and
I’ll pull the post.

yours – Bob the Humblogger

p.s. I’d love to learn more about the nuts and bolts of vlogging — I
have a movie function on my new Canon and have ben shooting short
clips for a few months now. How do I post them to a Blogger page?

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