Candye complains: My breasts have been censored in Arcata, CA

A note from blues singer Candye Kane showed up in my inbox saying:
It’s not the first time my breasts have been censored even when they weren’t exposed. Newspapers have refused to run the cover photo of my sixth CD, Whole Lotta Love, in a couple of narrow-minded cities. Some papers and magazines have even refused PAID ads by my record company if they used the cover photo.
One reviewer liked my CD but remarked that the cover photo is obscene and in bad taste. (Hey, I’m sorry my God given body offends you!) And now, the poster for my upcoming show (Feb. 7th) in Arcata at Mazzotti’s, apparently was too hot for this restaurant.
They hung up the poster in front with a large bar across my cleavage, in an apparent attempt to cover up my 44 GG bounty. I am always amazed as to what constitutes obscenity in this country. Why is a fat girls cleavage more offensive than a thin girls cleavage? Cher, Madonna, Brittany Spears, Liz Hurley, Halle Berry and countless others have all worn dresses cut so low that another inch would show their navel, pubic hair or lack thereof. They parade around on prime time awards programs and are never censored. It isn’t even considered unusual. But if a fat girl does it, suddenly we have crossed the line of decency. I can’t help it that I have more flesh than thin people. Clothes just look different on me. There is more of me to cover, and more of me that shows, when I am in the same styles that skinny women are wearing. Why is cleavage any more offensive than a belly shirt or a pierced naval? I happen to think it’s all beautiful but that cleavage is especially luscious. And in a day and age when women are paying thousands to buy larger breasts, why on earth would we want to cover them up?
I am not surprised that the folks at Mazzotti’s gave into the pressure. Apparently a woman with a child came in and said she didn’t want her child seeing such a vulgar picture so the management followed suit and covered me up. It is just a shame that one uptight person can cause an uproar that forces others to react in such a puritanical way. Did the management really think my poster was obscene? Or did the loud mouth woman bully them into submission because she hates her own breasts and doesn’t want to see mine?
Whatever the case, it makes me sad that people are so threatened by a woman with large breasts who is fully clothed. Yes, my boobs are huge and so is my ass. But that won’t stop me from taking pictures and wearing the clothes that are made for me, even if they happen to offend someone else. Yes, I will continue to wear a bathing suit at the beach, low cut dresses on stage and in photographs and no amount of scorn, censorship or NO FAT CHICKS stickers will make me shut up and disappear.
Ironically, my newest CD White Trash Girl has a cartoon caricature of me showing just as much cleavage as the photo in question. No one has ever censored the cartoon version of me or mentioned it, yet. Color me puzzled – and stacked.
Candye Kane

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  1. Here is a very nice letter from Andy at Mazzotti’s to Candye Kane…

    From: Andy Mazzotti
    Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 14:45:14 -0800
    Subject: Censorship

    Hi Candye:
    My name is Andy Parker and I am the guy who censored you. I don’t mean any harm, its just that a customer complained because she thought it was a bit excessive. After viewing the poster, I deemed that I might get more complaints about your bountiful, beautiful, wonderful breasts, so I put a Mazzotti’s sticker over a portion of your cleavage, not all of it, just a portion. I apologize if you feel that it is motivated because of your size, but really, you can’t tell that you are very big in your poster.
    Anyway, I look forward to meeting you in person when you come to Mazzotti’s in February, and feel free to show as much cleavage as you want because the little kid who had to be “protected” by his mama will be asleep.

    Best Regards,
    Andy Parker

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