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Stopped by the KHUM offices Friday to meet up with Journal editor Hank for an interview/photo shoot in Ferndale for this week’s paper (not about KHUM).
When I arrived Hank was discussing the Humboldt Blogs story with DJ Mike Dronkers. If you look at a larger version of the photo you can see he has the Buhne Tribune screed about Humboldt Blogs on his computer screen.
Mike was wondering how he might find my MySpace page since he had tried and failed. I gave him the URL; he said he’d invite me to be his friend later. (He still hasn’t.)
I don’t use MySpace much, so I don’t actually have many MySpacey type friends. For that reason I was surprised on Saturday to find e-mail invitations to become M-Space friends from two girls whose names I did not recognize: Jeanette and Joelle. Who could they be? Ladies who saw my page in the paper and figured out how to find my page, even when Mike could not? I’m not one to turn down friendship so I agreed to the invite, which showed me that Jeanette is in fact my niece who lives in Washington. Joelle, my other new friend is her new daughter, my grand niece.
The next day, Sunday, I picked up the morning paper to find a MySpace scandal story: The Times Standard was up in arms about a missing high school homecoming queen whose parents were sure had run off with some “man from Fremont” she’d met through MySpace. When she did not come home Friday night they called the cops who put out an all points bulletin here and in Fremont looking for her alleged abductor, with grave warnings about the dangers of predators lurking in cyberspace. Of course the parents knew nothing about the guy from Fremont and as far as what was reported, no one had any reason to believe that she was “abducted” and did not merely decide to meet her Space friend face to face. Monday’s followup story reported that she was home again safely after being located in Eureka with “the boy,” who was no longer deemed a “man.” The mom was quoted saying “We wanted to press charges, but were told we couldn’t.” Why not? She “was unable to say.” Can I offer a guess? Maybe because it’s not a crime for a teenage boy to go off with a teenage girl, even if she did meet him on MySpace. Am I the only one that finds this whole hub bub just a bit ridiculous?

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