Virtual interview with Le Ton Mité When I visite…

Virtual interview with Le Ton Mité

When I visited Le Ton Mité’s MySpace page, I found an invitation to ask 20 questions. I sent him my standard six questions plus one, with an apology that there were not 20.
Here is his response:

Who are you? Le Ton Mité

What do you do? Share songs from North Pacific America

Where are you from? Olympia, Washington

Why do you do what you do? It is my occupation

What have you been working on? Sharing songs from my new recording, “Tickets to Real Imaginary Places” on the East Coast and West Coast of the United States and looking for a new location to call home. I currently have an art exhibition up at the Department of Safety in Anacortes, Washington, called “How to Get There From Here.”

What’s next? I will tour the “Lake Coast.” Denver , Minneapolis, Winona, Stevens Point, Ypsilanti, possibly Oberlin, then a tour of Italy, France, Holland and Germany in April/May.

What else? I am currently working on a DVD compilation of my super 8 films with soundtracks by various friends. I also am planning out my next art show and recording of children’s songs in French. I would love to tour in Japan.

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