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  Bob Dornan provided this correction: …

Sorry to do this, but I must correct your correction. While my name is just one letter away from that of Bob Dornan, my name is Bob Doran. The mistake is not that uncommon since the so-called “Honorable” Robert Dornan aka B-1 Bob, is generally better known than I am. (I would have to say I disagree with him on most issues.) 
Here’s an excerpt from the Dornan bio his website (it does not mention his last failed run for Congress when he was defeated by Loretta Sanchez, then as noted in an entry on Wikipedia, “Dornan alleged that Sanchez’s winning margin was provided by illegal immigrants” before a House investigation upheld the Sanchez victory. (BTW, he still seems to be running.)

Robert K. Dornan 
U.S. Congressman 1977 – 1997

Robert K. Dornan was first elected to Congress in 1976, representing California’s 27th C.D. in western Los Angeles County and served from January 1977 to January 1983. (His seat was reapportioned out of existence). In 1982, Dornan ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate; having entered the race 10 months late, he finished 4th in a field of 13 candidates.

In 1984, he defeated an entrenched liberal incumbent to represent California’s 38th Congressional District in central Orange County. Much of the 38th District was reapportioned into an even more Democratic 46th District in 1992, which Dornan represented until 1997. During his entire congressional career Dornan was elected in districts that were overwhelmingly Democrat.

As a member of the National Security Committee, Dornan has championed such vital defense programs as the B-1 “Lancer” and B-2 “Spirit” bombers, the F/A 18 “Hornet” and the V-22 “Osprey” tiltrotor, antiballistic missile defense, development of an effective ground combat identification system and maintaining proper levels of Guard and Reserve forces. Bob was also an active leader promoting President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). During the Carter years, Dornan was a leader in the congressional battle to restore the supersonic Strategic Air Command penetrator aircraft, the B-1B “Lancer,” which was canceled by President Carter in June of 1977.

Clinton years: Dornan was a key leader in the successful effort to prevent the administration from eliminating the prohibition on homosexuals in the military, and was the sponsor of legislation to codify the ban. Dornan passed legislation to place restriction on a president’s ability to place U.S. forces under foreign command. This legislation was included in the House GOP’s “Contract with America.”

Consistent with his life-long commitment to human rights, Dornan has been a staunch defender of innocent pre-born life as the author of successful legislation to prevent federal abortions in the District of Columbia, in military hospitals (both in the U.S. and overseas), in federal prisons and on Native American Indian reservations. Dornan has also been the sponsor of the paramount “Human Life” amendment.

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