With Love, DMBQ


Ladies and gents,
As you know, we lost a great drummer “China”, by horrible car accident while we were on the last US tour. China always gave us wonderful musical inspirations, big smiles, and lots of love. She took us higher stage of our music adventure. We can’t find any words still for this big loss, and we can not believe we can not see her again. We feel like she is around here still, and feel like she may open the studio’s door suddenly and say hi with big smile. But, at the same time, we know she is not here. It’s sad, very sad.
We thought what we should do after this, and decided we should keep strong. We think China hopes DMBQ keeps rockin’ even if she can not play with us. So we decided we never stop DMBQ. We talked what we should do first, and we decided we should come over to the US again as soon as we can. Because China loves the US and so many American people helped us when the accident happened, and gave us a lot of love. So we want to say thank you and show you guys we are OK.
We start the new music adventure with new drummer “Shinji Wada.” China was special, but New DMBQ cannot disappoint you guys, and Mr. Shinji Wada knows it well. But, don’t worry, now we are powerful more and we have full motivation now. Come see and check us up!

With Love,

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