10 Questions for Strix Vega

From: ” Andy-Strix Vega” <strixvega@hotmail.com>

 Who are you?

 We are Strix Vega, a local (Arcata) folk/indie/rock band that has been playing together as a trio for about two years. Strix Vega is comprised of Colin Begel (Vocals/Guitars/Lapsteel/Theramin), Brian Godwin (Drums/Bass), and Andy Powell (Bass/Rhodes Piano/Keyboard/Guitar). Andy and Brian played together in a previously existing Arcata band called The Crums with Andrew Edwards, Ben Beaver, and Max Brotman. Colin played a few shows with The Crums, and after the evaporation of The Crums, Colin asked Andy and Brian to form a band with him.

 Where are from?

 We are all living in Arcata currently. Colin is originally from Vacaville, CA; Brian is from Detroit, MI; and Andy is from Los Angeles, CA.

  What do you do?

 We write and play music.

  Why do you do whatever it is you do?

 We all love playing music (especially original material). We won’t lie, we also slightly enjoy the ego massage that comes along with being a musician.

  What are you working on?

 We are currently finishing up our debut album.

 What’s next?

 Gigging locally (as always), CD release party, West Coast tour, and a second album.

  When will you be playing locally? With who?

 Our next gig is during Arts Alive at the Ink People through the Placebo on March 4th. Colin and Andy will be playing as a duo and playing pretty low-key-acoustic-type stuff.

March 10th, Strix Vega will be playing at Brogi’s Boiler Room with Children in Heat and possibly a third band. 

March 22nd, Strix Vega will be playing again with Franklin Delano (from Italy) at Sacred Grounds. 

April 5th, Strix Vega will play with acaramanamaraca (with Abe Ray of The Placebo) at Humboldt Brews. 

April 29th, Strix Vega is playing at The Alibi for a benefit concert with The Buffy Swayze. 

The last show Strix Vega has planned so far is May 27th in Portland, OR with Bright Red Paper.

  Who’s that?

 Should have read this question before typing that whole paragraph…Children in Heat are a Misfits cover band (Arcata?). Franklin Delano is a band out of Italy. A car a man a maraca (not sure of the spelling…I may have spelled it backwards) is a band started by Abe Ray of The Placebo. The Buffy Swayze is a band based out of Eureka (I believe), and Bright Red Paper is based out of Portland, OR.

  Where might someone learn more about you?

 Our MySpace page: <www.myspace.com/strixvega>.

 Thanks a lot Bob. We’ll stay in touch. Cheers, Andy/Strix Vega


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