8 Questions for Martin Dory

From: Martin Dory <martin@martindory.com>

  Who are you? 

Americana Singer/Songwriter from San Francisco

Where are you from originally?

Washington DC 

What do you do? 

I write songs and then I sing them.

Why do you do whatever it is you do? 

Every time I think I’m going to quit writing songs, I think about what has brought meaning to my life.  If I scan the entire breadth of what the world has to offer, great songs, for me personally, have done more to capture the complexity of existence than anything else out there.  Whether they are trying to communicate depression, love, party time, call-to-action, great songs are phenomenal at transferring a state of mind.  So much better than anti-depressants or alcohol or drugs.  Are there studies on this?  There must be.  What better challenge than to help explain and move people with song.  Words and music are just a favorite fascinating combination of mine.  Like pretzels and orange juice.         

What are you working on?

I’m working on some more songs for another CD.  It might turn into a couple CD’s.  When I write, I end up with songs which are all over the map and I really am trying to keep the ones that go together, together.  I don’t have much luck controlling the style of song which comes out so I just have to take what comes out and put it in the right box.  When one my boxes gets filled, I’ll be ready to roll.  But I have a couple boxes going at once.   

What’s next? 

The couple of boxes I mentioned above.  One’s a bit poppier, alternative (but not alt rock) and verbose.  One’s will be a bit more country, hopefully with a few less words.  I’m trying not to write so many darn words.   

When will you be here? With who? 

These are all solo shows.  Me and my acoustic guitar and an electric guitar and a harmonica.  I think I see there is a piano at Old Town Coffee and Chocolates so I might do a few numbers on that. 

Friday, March 17th, 7:00p – Eureka, CA

Old Town Coffee & Chocolates

211 F Street Phone:  707-445-8600

Saturday, March 18th, 1:00p – Trinidad, CA

Catch Cafe

355 Main St. Phone: 707-677-0390

Sunday, March 19th, 6:00p – Eureka, CA

Chapala Cafe

201 2nd St. Phone:  707-443-9514

 Thanks again.  Let me know if you need anything else.

 Best, Martin


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  1. his reply here is a very interesting read.

    ***your blog is very inspiting, if i had more time i would also make my own blog like this. unlike you however i dont know any musicians in my lil town in the Philippines***


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