9 Questions for a Homesick Hillbilly

A virtual  interview with Jaybird from the Slewfoot Stringband who plays this Saturday night at The Alibi with members of the Dirtnap Band, something they call Homesick Hillbilly, and Hillstomp, a kick-ass duo from Oregon.

Who are you?

I’m Jay Swanigan, and here’s my brief interview answers.

Where are you now? Where are you from originally? What do you do?

Right now I’m sitting in a living room with good friends and bandmates JJ Cady and Brian Gibson. I live in Eureka with my beautiful and very Pregnant wife Amber. I am originally from Sacramento then decided to move to Eureka 5 years ago to begin a new life dedicated to music, nature, a new family.

Are you really homesick?

About the Homesick Hillbilly: My Grandfather Bud Swanigan moved from the Ozark hills of Missouri in the ‘40s when he met the love of his life, My Grandmother, Vinita. They met in Patterson, Calif. when he was on leave from a South Seas tour. They married and moved to Tracy, where they raised a family and still live. My Grandfather is a nostalgic, Poetic, writer these days (a long retired heavy machinery mechanic) he has recently Published two books through Abraxis and you can find them on Amazon.com (anyway he has been a Picker his entire life even after a industrial accident severed tendons in his left arm, he Plays what he can. I’ll send you a CD I have archived recently. He writes about his childhood a lot, hence Homesick Hillbilly. I’m insPired by him and get nervous he will be leaving us soon; he’s 83 this June.

What are you working on?

I’m working on a lot of original material with my close friends.

What’s next?

I’m Playing this Saturday with as the Dirt naP Band (three Piece: 6 string, 12 string, and UPright bass) with HillstomP (from Portland).

Who’s that?

HillstomP is a two Piece high-energy band. Good friends of mine. We have Played shows here and in Oregon for the last 3 years.

What is a Slewfoot anyway?

 I honestly don’t know what a slewfoot is. It’s the name of an old mountain song.

Thanks for the interview, it’s always a Pleasure tyPing on a keyboard with a broken lower case P. you have to hold shift and P to even get an uPPer case!

http://www.slewfootstringband.com is my active site until my Personal site is uP. 

– Jaybird



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