8 questions for Cirkus Pandemonium

Who are you?

Cirkus Pandemonium… Autumn Augustus, Nemo Lenkin, Noah Fillpot, JRo, Tony Shy Fire and guests.

Where are from?

Based out of Portland for the last few years.  Currently traveling the west coast in our Cirkus Bus The Great Pandamo!
What do you do?

We do firedancing, trapeze, juggling, coreographed fighting, fairy skits and such.  We do a lot of street performing whereever we can find a good spot and a crowd. 
We are featuring our new trapeze rigging that mounts to the side of the bus and we just completed a stage on the roof today! 3-14.
Why do you do what you do?

Because I’m driven by dreams of flitting fairies and dueling demons that are sent from the Gods of Pandemonium.
What are you working on? 

I’m organizing the Anarchist Pagan Beltain to happen in southern Washington.  Also planning a summer tour and organizing our show. 
When will you be here? With who?  

We will be playing at the Synapsis warehouse in Eureka on Sat the 18th.  Tickets are $8, $5 to students.  We will be playing with the Humboldt Circus.

Who’s that?

The Humboldt Circus is a great group of Humboldt University freaks.  They are both talented and hospitable in a way that only Humboldt could create.

Anything else you want to add?   

All travelers who wish to visit Pandemonium are warned that while there are many ways into hell, there are scarcely any ways out of it!

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  1. yikes….i couldn’t get into your other blog ’cause i think you have the reply turned off? anyway, Thanks for stopping by and if you look in the blogger templates you’ll see it. off hand i can’t remember but you’ll see it/ had relatives in arcata (i grew up in daly city) and it was quite slow back then! as was dc…see you around! Cheers! oh, you can delete this if you want. just so you know i made an attempt to get back to you ; )

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