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From: “the delegates” <>
Date: June 1, 2006 12:19:21 PM PDT
Subject: Delegates, CD Review, Press Release
Hi Bob, how’s it going?
This is Asch from Montreal’s The Delegates. I believe you gave us a little write up last time we were in Arcata so I would like to submit our new cd, “The Diary of Hamilton Fish,” produced by Mike Trujillo (Leftover Crack, Choking Victim, Osker) and out on Brooklyn’s BANKSHOT! Records, for review if you could send me CD submission information.
We have also recently released this cd for FREE, with artwork, online at I would like to know if you could make a mention of this in the review or somewhere in the newspaper. I have pasted the press release below if you could give’er a read and let me know what you think.

Bob says: I like it: the ska sound, the songwriting, the give-it-away-give-it-away-now concept, and the fact that Arcata inspired a song. Is it about Willoughby’s dad?

You can get to know The Delegates better at, and
Rock On,
Asch Harwood
Download The Delegates’ The Diary of Hamilton Fish, for Free
Montreal’s The Delegates are excited to announce that Duble Plus Music has re-released their newest album, “The Diary of Hamilton Fish,” for FREE, that’s right, 100% FREE, just like your 1st month’s supply of Viagra, at Duble Plus Music’s website One more time…The New Album, FREE, at The amazing album artwork, created by Sara Martin, can also be downloaded with instructions for printing them out and folding them into your own CD booklet
The Delegates ask that, in return, you tell every single person you know to do the same: Send emails, Post Myspace bulletins, Write blogs about it, Post it on your scene sites, Write it in chalk on the sidewalk, Make posters and put them up, Design hand bills and hand them out, Draw on white t-shirts, Write it on your ass and run naked through the streets, and whatever else you can think of to get people downloading the music.
The release of “The Diary of Hamilton Fish,” is in conjunction with the launch of a fundraising campaign to help raise money for Nata Village. “Nata is a village of 5000 people located on the edge of the Makgadikgadi Plans which suffers from the second highest HIV infection rate in Africa. Every cent of every donation will go directly to the people of the Village to help with everything from mosquito nets to antiviral drugs” (, May 3, 2006).
The Delegates ask that if you have a few bucks sitting around that you might have spent on the album, make a donation to You can read more about this charity on the Duble Plus site while downloading the CD.
The record is the follow up to their self-released debut, 2003’s We All Taste The Same, and was produced by Mike Trujillo (Osker, Leftover Crack, Choking Victim) at Succulent Sounds in Highland Park, CA.
You can get the CD and make a donation at You can also get to know The Delegates at and

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