10 questions for los olvidados

>> Who are you?

> my name is Alex Jones and i play guitar and sing for los olvidados.
>> I assume it’s los olvidados, as in the Luis Bunuel film about
>> what sociologists like to call “youth at risk.” Why that name?

> Rey (our drummer) and I are film students and really liked the idea
> of taking the name from Bunuel’s film, maybe in small part because
> we knew it was a challenge for most people we know. I really love
> that film; the character relationships and reality of it are unlike
> almost any other film. It just moved me I guess. The film doesn’t
> translate to the literal “the forgotten,” but “the young and the
> damned,” and that seemed just as a good a starting point as any for
> this band.
>> Where are from? (originally/now)

> We are from Moorpark, CA a small town in Ventura County.
>> What do you do?

> I write songs and play guitar and sing.
>> Why do you do what you do?

> I think part of is instinct, part of it is the need to express
> certain ideas or feelings or reactions that I wouldn’t be able to
> do without music. I think I am probably a bad communicator and
> music allows me to communicate in alternative ways.
>> What are you working on?

>> Going on our west coast tour, getting ready to record our full
>> length record in July/August.
>> What’s next?

>> The full length being recorded and released, hopefully followed by
>> more touring all over the U.S.
>> When will you be here? With who?

> June 18 at the Alibi with our friends and two of our member’s other
> band, Polar State.
>> Who’s that?

> they are an indie/experimental pop band along the lines of minus
> the bear, explosions in the sky, nada surf.
>> Anything else you want to add?
> We are very excited to do our first west coast tour and to see
> Arcata. I just watched The Corporation and the scene in Arcata got
> me even more excited.


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