9 Questions for Imaad Wasif

From: Imaad Wasif <>
Date: June 12, 2006 7:23:03 PM PDT
Subject: Re: write me if you have any more questions…

> On Jun 12, 2006, at 3:47 PM, Imaad Wasif wrote:
>> Please feel free to write me if you have any more questions.
> I have a standard set. Wanna give it a go? (no hurry)
> Who are you?
> Imaad Wasif
> >
> Where are from? (originally/now)
> Born in Vancouver, B.C., educated in the desert in California, India, Los Angeles, and San
> Francisco, now residing in Echo Park, California. Imaad Wasif has been in
> Lowercase, alaska!, The New Folk Implosion.
> What do you do?
> Sing, Play Guitar, write Songs.
> Also currently Playing guitar, bass and keyboards as a touring member of the Yeah Yeah
> Yeahs.
> Why do you do what you do?
> love, necessity, creation, growth, change, intimacy, to perpetuate and divine chaos,

> maintain semblances of sanity, Exorcise old ghosts and demons
> What are you working on?
> Writing songs for my next record
> Playing with the two part beast
> What’s next?
> my june solo tour
> july solo dates opening for the YYY’s
> playing in the YYY’s through the year
> east coast solo tour in September
> When will you be here? With who?
> June 30th – Eureka, CA @ The Pearl Lounge
> appearing With the two part beast
> Who’s that?
> two part beast = my band, one part Adam Garcia and one part Bob Bruno
> Anything else you want to add?

>> Can’t wait to come back to eureka

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