Fwd: For his thoughts as paddles served him,

poetry embedded in a spam message….

Begin forwarded message:

From: “Rene.A”
Date: June 25, 2006 9:03:24 AM PDT
To: “Journal”
Subject: For his thoughts as paddles served him,
Whatever you’re looking for…
From the land of the White Rabbit! Through the tangle of his whiskers, You will fade away and perish! By the heartless Mudjekeewis. “‘T Is enough!” then said Mondamin, Of his tall and graceful figure, Filled with joy was Mudjekeewis Every human heart is human, The hereditary hatred, Where the trail of deer and bison That in even savage bosoms “Who is this that dares to brave me? In the melancholy marshes; Only once he paused or halted, From the kingdom of Wabasso,


Mudjekeewis was Hiawatha’s mystical father the West Wind, Spirit Keeper of the West in some Native American tradition — symbolized by the bear, the cedar tree and soapstone…

In fact evrything in the message seems to come from Longfellow’s epic poem

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