8 questions for Marshan

Subject: Re: some questions from Arcata, California
Hi Bob, we’re more than happy than anwer your questions
Who are you?
Marshan – Scottish Rock N Roll Band
Graeme Duff – Guitar,Vocals
Kevin Burges – Bass
Malcolm Thomson – Drums
Where are you from?
We’re from Glasgow, Scotland. Not too much to say about Glasgow other
than it has the highest murder rate in western Europe, poorest health
record in Europe and lowest life expectancy in Europe. Consequently it
is has one of the most rocking night life’s in the World.
What do you do?
We play proper Rock N Roll. None of that whiny emo nonsense that the
kids are buying. More like the old honest good time music that’s
hasn’t been selling since 1976.
Why do you do what you do?
The power of rock compels us.
What are you working on?
We’ve got a new album coming out (“Brought to You By the Goodtime
Girls” – Beard of Stars Records (Italy). Other than that we’re touring
the west coast of the US in July.
What’s next?
Another record and another tour of the dive bars around the world.
Stadium tours and platinum records are for those who compromised.
When will you be here? With who?
We’ll be in Arcata on July 15th, I think we’ll be playing with another
local band at the Alibi…
Anything else you want to add?
Thanks for the interest and time, if anyone is looking for a fun time
on Sat the 15th then come to the alibi. Check out some of our stuff @

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