7 questions for Zs yo — s — zs here are so…

7 questions for Zs

yo — s — zs
here are some answers…

Who are you?
sam hillmer, charlie looker, matthew hough, ian antonio

Where are from?
news york city

What do you do?

Zs was formed in 2000. Zs makes music that is variously categorized as no-wave, _post-jazz, brutal-chamber, brutal-prog, and post minimalist. Zs’ music is _angular, repetative, and either very loud or very soft.
While Zs has gone through several incarnations ranging from trios to sextets, the group presently consists of Charlie Looker(synthesizer/guitar), Matthew Hough(guitar), Sam Hillmer(saxophone), and Ian Antonio(drums).
Zs is often recognized for it’s dual function as chamber ensemble and rock band. As a result of their cross-over ability Zs has worked with a diverse roster of performers and composers.
Zs has worked with Animal Collective, Gang Gang Dance, Orthrelm, The Flying Luttenbachers, and Big A little a (Aa), as well as Joe Maneri, Christian Wolff, Louis Andriessen, Petr Kotik and Earle Brown.
Zs also inhabits a diverse assortment of venues including lofts, galleries, rock clubs, and concert halls.
Zs has recorded for labels Troubleman unlimited, Planaria Recordings, Folding _Cassettes and Rice control. Their new studio album “Arms” will be out in _January on Planaria Recordings.
The members of Zs have started a family of side _projects including Seductive Sprigs, Extra Life, Moth, Regattas, Hunter Gatherer, Yarn/Wire, and the Scenery Ensemble.
Zs curate and DJ the monthly avantgarde music and art party “from B to Z” under the moniker “the B-Keepers”.
The activities of “the B-Keepers” as well as all Zs side projects is being documented by Zs’ in-house CDR label FuckingA Show Releases.
In the next year Zs will tour north america three times and travel to Europe and Japan to perform.

Why do you do what you do?
Zs is part of an ongoing conversation between rock based bands all around the world that have adopted some of the sensibilities of “classical”, jazz, and various folk forms… we make music for each other through shows and records that are exciting and engaging to watch or listen to. We want to share this music with as many people as we possibly can and to be part of a community that supports musicians and artists that take risks.

What are you working on?

we are working on our new set, a 25 minute group written piece called the hard EP… we’re touring on it right now and are tweaking it and making little changes all the time…

When will you be here? With who?
we will be there on july 9th (The Alibi) by ourselves…

Anything else you want to add?


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