10 questions for the Avant Gardeners

> Who Are you?
> We’re the Avant Gardeners… the self proclaimed darlings of the
> mysterious underground backwoods Plumas County Funk Scene. the band
> consists of the following folks:
> Dave Willis ,Vocals and percussion
> Art Garcia ,Guitar
> Mary Lynn Risley, Bass and vocals
> Jimmy Leal, Drums
> Where are you from?
> Dave- born in Yuba City, Ca. 20 year Plumas County resident
> (currently living in Taylorsville)
> Art-born in Los Angeles ,28 year Plumas County resident(currently
> living in Quincy)
> Mary Lynn-born in Colorado 16 year Plumas County resident
> (currently living in Indian Falls)
> Jimmy- born and raised in Greenville ,Ca(Plumas County)currently
> living in Lakeview,Or
> What do you do? We have been together as a band since 1993 ,we all
> have day jobs…
> Dave- Cook/Custodian at a State Preschool
> Art- Mental Health case worker
> Mary Lynn- Prep-Cook at a local resort
> Jimmy-Fisheries Biologist out of Lakeview,Or
> Why do you do what you do?
> We love playing music together but are not willing to sacrifice
> our quality of life and families to become FAMOUS. We love the
> music but aren’t so sure about trying to “make it big”. I think the
> reason we’re still together and loving it is because we haven’t
> tried to turn it into a serious business (though we would consider
> it if the opportunity presented itself). We do it ’cause we dig it
> What are you working on?
> We have been recording new songs for a new CD , it’s been hard to
> get it all together though. Jimmy lives in Oregon and we don’t get
> together often enough to keep up the momentum required to ‘Get ‘er
> Done’. We haven’t considered throwing in the towel yet. We are
> still writing new songs and working on them when ever we can. We
> have a pact that we made years ago to continue to play till we
> physically can’t do it anymore…so far so good!
> What’s next?
> Finishing our new CD and reprinting the old one(so far we’ve sold
> 1000 copies locally and at our shows! (‘Untilled’ our independently
> released in 1996). Actually establishing a Web-Site !!! Other non-
> fun business related crap to further our music careers. Adapting to
> major Global Climate change.
> When will you be here? With who?
> Friday July 21 in Eureka @ Kelly O’Brien’s w/ Big Earl and the
> Cryin’ Shame
> Saturday July 22 in Orleans @ The Orleans Mining Co.
> Sunday July 23 somewhere in Humbolt Co. @ our drummer’s brother’s
> wedding!
> Who’s that?
> Big Earl and the Cryin’ Shame is a local band that Jimmy’s brother
> Johnny plays guitar in.
> My Space? Web-Site?
> Someday soon,we’ll keep you posted.
> Anything else you want to add?
> In regard to our long over due 2nd CD… anything worth having is
> worth waiting for. Looking forward to playing Humbolt County!!! See
> you at the show(s)

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