12 Questions for San Pablo Project

Who are you?

We are San Pablo Project, a band influenced by music from all parts of the world. But most specifically influenced by our forefathers of funk from the bay area Tof P, Sly, etc.,

Where are from?

Most of us are born and raised in the bay, but some at sometime in life have lived elsewhere, Missouri, New Orleans, Boston…

Is that San Pablo as in Route 123?

San Pablo , as in San Pablo Ave…. We rehearse there and the original members all met there.

What do you do?

Most of us have day jobs to pay the bills. engineer, piano technician, caterer. But some do nothing else but play and teach music.

Why do you do what you do?

I’m sure we all play music out of the love of playing and creating it. It is definately the creative outlet we all need to remain sane…

What are you working on?

We’re working on constantly bettering ourselves as musicians. We’re working on helping our songs and set grow as we do. Keeping the material interesting for us and the audience, and most of all FUNKY…

What’s next?

More touring, spreading our musical groovus infection to the masses…a new cd…

What is the sate of funk in the Bay A. at this time?

In the bay there is definately an afro-beat thing infecting the masses, but also a lot of that good ole, down home finger licking funk like Booker T, Meters, etc., We prefer to mix it up with a set that throws down a few afro-cuban grooves, and dalop of reggae, pinch of afro-beat, and of course a healthy dose of, as you described, “a fine hunk of chunky funk,…”

When will you be here? With who?

We’ll be up there at:
The Six Rivers Brewery on March 22nd in McKinleyville.
The Pearl Lounge in Eureka on the 23rd of March, and April 21st. (almost earth day)
Most likely playing by ourselves….


Just the myspace. We get WAY more traffic from the myspace page then the website ever gave us and its has all the info most clubs need to book….

MySpace? www.myspace.com/sanpabloproject

Anything else you want to add?

We just love creating music, whether on the spot or thru composed. And our reward isn’t the money, ha, like theres any…. Its the incredibly positive response from audiences. The first time we saw our grooves infect people and they started dancing along with us, we knew that we had to keep this up and spread the “positive vibrations.”

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