It’s easy to get distracted, and even lost on the Internet, as anyone who’s ever sat in front of a computer with a high speed connection, an open browser, and a little bit of time on their hands can tell you.

I wasn’t even surfing aimlessly this afternoon when something spun me off on a tangent. While engaged in some work on the AAN website I noticed a PBS sponsorship ad with an intriguing quote: “A discussion about buzz bands has erupted online. As the music blogging community continues to search out and publicize new and up-and-coming bands, some have warned of the potential downfall for musicians.”

As someone who explores the burgeoning music blogging community, this caught my attention. I clicked through to a piece by a blogger known as Largehearted Boy on a site set up by PBS to promote their shows. Remotely Connected has a small stable of semi-famous bloggers they’ve invited in as guests, in this case David Gutowski of was reviewing a recent Austin City Limits show with Arcade Fire, one of those “buzz bands.”
He mentioned a couple of blogs I like in passing, in particular Said the Gramophone, and name dropped a couple that I hadn’t stumbled upon, which is mainly how I discover new music blogs, via links from blogs I like.

I clicked through to one of those and found a post asking to go to to vote for his blog in a top blog contest of some sort. I don’t really understand the Nielsen site (I guessing it’s affiliated with the polling firm in some way) and I wasn’t about to register so I could vote, but the ballot for the contest is pretty cool as a document of the moment on what a seemingly mainstream outfit sees as the top ranked music blogs around.

There are a few on the list that I frequent regularly, but not my personal favorites: the ever-literate Moistworks is missing, Said the Gramophone too.
Anyway if you want do some exploring of your own, the list might be a good place to start. When you find a blog you like, use their blogroll as a guide to other likeminded music hounds.

As to the potential downside of being a blogged about buzz band, Largehearted Boy quote from a think piece in Oxford American magazine that borrows its title, “Hype Machine” from a popular music blog aggregator: “Unknown bands become all-too-familiar bands in a month, and abandoned bands the next month.” Then quotes a member of the blogged about band John The Mountain Goats who notes that, “the hunger for something that feels good and exciting and important seems to have progressed to a point of insatiability.”
Yes, I admit it, I’m insatiable…

Incidentally, you can use Hype Machine to find out which blogs are talking about Arcade Fire. I’d have to say they don’t seem any worse for wear after being discovered by bloggers…

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