Beastie Meters

The local band Naive Melodies has been filling dance floors here and on the road playing catchy tunes by the Talking Heads, as they say, “All. Night. Long.” Keys/bassman Matt Engel dropped me a line about this Friday’s special Naive Melodies show at the Jambalaya (as in Nov. 21) with an evening of New Orleans funk a la The Meters, alongside funky Brooklyn hip hop by the Beastie Boys, together dubbed Beastie Meters. Special guests? Check. Will people dance? Highly likely. All. Night. Long.

Here’s what Matt says:

We’re going to put the THeads aside for the evening, roll back the BPM’s to a nice, dirty Funk tempo, and play 2 sets of all Beastie Boys and the Meters. A bunch of our friends will join us – including Brian Swislow, Jesse Jonathon, Michael Dieter, Stephen “Fuzz” Bernhardt, Leah Crenshaw, Tyler Martin, Beams Laser & Lighting and more.

We brought this show to the Boom Boom Room in SF this past weekend and it was awesome. Really looking forward to presenting it to our hometown crowd. Get it while it’s hot… might just be a one time thing.

If this sounds like big fun, well, you’d better be there.

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