On the Beauty Way: Clan Dyken – Sat. Nov. 22

Clan Dyken has been doing it for years every fall in the weeks before Thanksgiving. The eco-conscious hippie rockers head out from their homes in the Sierras on something they call the “Revive the Beauty Way Tour.” The family band journeys through California and Oregon in a biodiesel bus (or one time on bicycles) gathering donations of cash and food to take to the Big Mountain/Black Mesa region in Arizona, home of the Navajo Dineh people. The Dineh have been struggling to hold on against the infamous Peabody Coal Company who have strip-mined their ancestral land. (Remember John Prine’s “Paradise“?) Clan Dyken honors the elders and brings the people organic turkeys, quilts, firewood and other gifts or an alt. Thanksgiving. They do it with a little help from their friends. There is beauty along the way.

The Black Mountain Beauty Way Tour stops in Humboldt on Saturday for a benefit dinner and concert at Bayside Grange #500 with Clan Dyken and some local friends including psychedelic folky Joanne Rand, Arcata reggae band Into the Current, ThunderCloud and Goodshield, plus emcee Darryl Cherney (who might bring along his guitar for a couple of songs). The dinner/dance concert runs from afternoon until night, 4 p.m. to midnight. $10 donation to help the cause, more if you’ve got it.   

Says Mark Dyken,

After a one year hiatus we are going back to the land of the Dineh. Elders have passed on and those that remain are facing some very troubled times including live stock impoundment, arrests and large fines. Black Mesa Indigenous Support has updates on the current situation, including photos and first hand accounts of the suffering elders are facing.

With your help we’ve been able to connect for a long time to the people still holding sacred space with language, song, ceremony and a connection to the land. We are once again calling for your support in the form of your dance at the shows before we head to the high desert to deliver food, firewood and other supplies to this special group of people. Of course you are welcome to join the caravan for the journey of a lifetime, into a land and way of life that remain hidden in plain view from most. It’s a small tour to long time supportive communities and then on to the land to bring your gifts and good will to the people. We’re excited to get out and bring some new and old songs to life with you.

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