Some things I found at the Sanctuary

You may know the Sanctuary as a music/arts venue or an art workshop “committed to creative growth through the arts and engendering a spirit of community,” some sort of “grassroots experiment in sharing.” (All at 1301 J Street in Arcata.)

Duke adds, “Taco Tuesday Potluck and weekly Open Labs 🙂 Amazing Place, Venue, Arts, and Folks…”

Did you know they also have a record label? Sounds of the Sanctuary has three albums out, all three connected to Daniel Nickerson in some way. He recorded all of the projects, one as a player another “dreamed up, written, & recorded by Daniel at the Sanctuary for the inaugural Summer CSA. 

More on that later…

The space once looked like below, apparently last time a Google car came by in 2012, it was still the Arcata Church of Christ.

1301 J Street in Arcata

It looks way different now.

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