The Hum: Laurie Anderson Revisited

Laurie Anderson (courtesy of the artist)

Years ago, when I first started writing for the North Coast Journal, I had the opportunity to interview Laurie Anderson. She was coming to town for a CenterArts show at the Van Duzer, and we talked about what she planned for her performance, and about other things like her adaptation of Moby Dick.

I wish I could include a link here to that piece, but it was not considered important enough to be uploaded to the Journal’s website at the time, same thing with my early post-Union music columns, The Hum.
One of my big incomplete projects for Covid Time was the resurrection of some of that old work. I’ve been rearranging piles of papers in my attic, putting them in boxes, some dated, some not. Maybe I’ll do some work on them later today. Maybe not.
For now, I’ll suggest that you listen to this short interview with Ms. Anderson, where she talks about her latest project, overseeing the reissue of her first album, “Big Science,” and more.

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