What is the Hum?

The Hum is a work in progress. In some ways it always has been. Feel free to give me some feedback about where it’s going.


We’ll start with a brief history. It started out as a catch-all music and culture column in the Arcata Union, a now-defunct newspaper that went out of business in 1995. The column ran for a short time in the associated Humboldt Beacon, which had ostensibly taken over coverage of Humboldt County.

The Hum then had a 14 year stretch in the North Coast Journal, with a rough ending in 2013. After a three-week run with the Mad River Union, which again ended poorly, the column went paperless for awhile, fully digital with a nine-month run with a newly refurbished Wildberries Market website. That ended when Phil (who owns the market) decided he wanted to go another direction. Another more successful stint with the Union ended in the summer of 2017.

What’s next? That remains to be seen. Well, you’re seeing it…


  1. Hello,
    I am working on a photo project for the National Park Service and am very interested in one of the whale photos on your website. How can I communicate with you to inquire about where it is from and how to credit it?

    1. Sorry if this is too late. The whale photo was taken by me in 2011 from the bridge that crosses the Klamath River in Northern California. Unfortunately, she died not long later. If you want to use it, you are welcome to it.
      + Bob D

  2. When I was very young (1950-1952) we lived in Eureka and Arcata.
    My mom took me to the whaling station and I have pictures she took of them skinning the whales.
    It wasn’t long after we were there that I believe it caught fire and burned to the ground because of all the whale oil. Anyone interested in seeing those photos?

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