The Hum: Almost <3 Day (Part 1)…

Almost Valentine’s Day

Have you noticed how lately holidays seem to stretch their borders? While it’s hard to celebrate Groundhog Day all month (unless you’re Bill Murray), in February, we can’t wait for Valentine’s Day to roll around. Thus we have Inked Hearts taking over the Blue Lake Casino the weekend before V-Day (Feb. 7 ~ 10) with music shows <3 tattoo fans will presumably like. 

The Friday night show features Sublime with Rome, which is not exactly “Sublime,” and not really a Sublime tribute since the original band’s bassist, Eric Wilson, is still part of the current trio.

There was a complicated lawsuit involved with the late bandleader Bradley Nowell’s family holding tight to rights to the Sublime name ever since Bradley died in 1996. Initially, Eric and drummer Bud Gaugh marshaled on, calling themselves the Long Beach All-Stars.

Some time in in 2009 (yes, 10 years ago) guitarist Rome Ramirez joined up and they used that potent name (Sublime) again and lawyers got involved. The compromise: It’s okay to play the old songs, but they must add “with Rome” in all promotion. Whatever. Bradley didn’t live to see “What I Got,” become a No. 1 hit, but he lives on when they play it.

Safety Orange, another “beach/rock/reggae” trio from Ocean Beach opens the show. They have that sublime-ish sound…

There’s a bit of irony in that the gig where they first returned to that sublime moniker was at a multi-band bash called “Cypress Hill’s Smokeout Festival.” 

Who is playing at Inked Hearts Saturday night? That’s right, Cypress Hill. Remember “Insane in the Brain”? Rappers B-Real and Sen Dog have been touring since, with turntablist DJ Muggs back after a break, plus Bobo Correa on percussion since ’93. Still “Insane in the membrane, insane in the brain” after all these years. 

There’s lots more going on Inked Hearts, tattoo artists, a dog show (really) and much more, including bands in the Wave. Check it out…